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Place your baby on his or her back for every sleep, night time and nap time. Do not put your baby to sleep on his side or tummy. Once your baby can roll from his ...

baby sleep

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8 month old baby will only sleep in my bed
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Grobag started the baby sleep bag revolution back in 2000 as a result of Rob and Ouvrielle Holmes’ struggle to get their first son Sam to sleep at night. An Austrian sister-in-law introduced them to baby sleep bags, and after the amazing 12 hour sleep as a result, Grobag was born!

Our founders gave themselves a target of 10 years to get the UK from 0% to 80% baby sleeping bag usage, but managed it in just 5. Over 95% of parents in the UK now use baby sleep bags, making traditional top sheets and blankets a relic of the past. We are very proud to have changed the way that mums and dads put their babies to bed and continue to create products that genuinely make parenting easier.


We have a commitment to safer sleep and it has always been our top priority. The Gro Company has worked closely with The Lullaby Trust, (formerly FSID) from the very beginning. The charity works to promote Safer Sleep for babies and support for families.

We are extremely proud to have led the way in the development of the British Safety Standard (BS 8510:2009) to ensure millions of babies are put to bed safely. Grobags meet 100% of the standard, 100% of the time and if it doesn’t say Grobag it isn’t a Grobag.

The Lullaby Trust


What should my baby wear to sleep?

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